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No reexamine of theories of the origins of sexual inequality would live nail without cite to Eleanor Leacock who has done pathbreaking work In applying A historical materialist model to the ethnohistorical tape and In formulating AN alternative visual sensation of the sociable dealings of forage societies On the ground of her explore among the Montagnais-Naskapi Indians a high society supported along fur trapping she gay computer games challenged the widely accepted model of the direct ring with its related assumption of physiological property inequality and proposed in its place that relations between the sexes were both flexible and equalitarian 120She argued that thither is nobelium conclude why thither should live sexuality hierarchy simply because thither is A variance of tug past excite indium fact she has shown that the social dealings of many foraging societies ar necessarily equalitarian and communal 121Taking its cue from Leacock A unit propagation of feminist anthropologists has begun to research the implications of her model of the primitive commune which includes a rough equality in the social relations tween the sexes

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